#A4JSTORIES: Our women's model Leah's Testimony


We wanted to start a story telling part of our blog that we are titling #A4JSTORIES. We wanted to share with our customers stories from the people who are involved in our company. We believe that everyone has a story to tell about their faith and their relationship with Jesus. 

First up is our women's model Leah. Leah is a great friend we have known for years. She is a wife and mom of 2 beautiful children. We feel so blessed to know her and even more blessed that she agreed to be our model! She is so beautiful inside and out and this is her story:

Kianna and Anna, creators of Aloha for Jesus had asked me to be their muse and share how God had impacted my life, and I have to let out a laugh because how has He not. 

Depending on your vantage point you could question my God who is goodness but allowed cruel and bad things to happen. But over time, looking at the scattered pieces of my life, you see the purpose for my pain and the masterfully authored journey. When I feel my pain is defining me, I know now to saturate myself in His love. 

The hardships and trenches were but lessons that I was never meant to lead my own life or to take on all the burdens of the world. To think I had control of my life was but a silly illusion. To think there was a checklist to be saved was too. Thinking my physical gifts or acts of service somehow were a source to fill my voids was also something He had to teach me. God has had to show me that I cannot be His vessel and I cannot fulfill my purpose unless I come to Him humbly, vulnerable, as nothing, as weak, as unworthy, broken. That is the only way He can make me whole and allow me to enter into His promised glory. 

I have always called myself a Christian but have never earnestly sought a relationship with Him. It was like I accepted some things but not all, just the ideas that fit with me and my lifestyle. But that's really not how it works. Everything is truly in His timing and I'm so thankful to Kianna and Anna for posing this question to me and allowing me to have any association with their brand/vision and for being sisters who have been a part of my return to our Father. 

He has been with me all along and has only now been peeling back the layers of bandaids I have covered over my wounds for years. He has shown me that it's okay to give myself grace and to ask for help and that we are all better together. 

I have come to the understanding that I am and will forever be on a journey with Christ. There is no finish line and there will always be things to be learned to better relate. Am I fearless when it comes to all the future holds? NO! But I know I'm going to try to celebrate it all. It all. In Him.



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